Work Package 2 - Gripping

To effectively employ an autonomous and cognitive robot to unload shipping containers hosting an array of different goods, special care has to be considered with regard to the gripping methods. In this work package, the focus concerns theoretical and experimental studies of the grippers with respect to alternative architectures. In order to overcome fixation and to explore lateral ideas about grippers, we approached the problem by using a crossover strategy, i.e. design by analogy. The idea is to find in common day life, grasping examples displaying holding, fixing and maintaining a firm contact with the object they are in contact with. The study of the RobLog gripper / hand is performed by analysing industrial grippers, robotic hands, animal feet and various other grippers.

Samples of developed gripping systems within the RobLog project.

Work Package 2 Deliverables

del_2.2---in-scale-fingers.pdf [2.649 KB]

del_2.3---gripping-principles-1.pdf [1.035 KB]

del 2.6---FINAL dexterous gripper for integration [1.480 KB]