3D Sensing and Perception

Work Package 3 - 3D Sensing & Perception

The recognition and processing of environmental data is the basis for a cognitive system, which is exactly what is needed to create cognitive software. Each RobLog demonstrator uses an ASUS Xtion RGB-D camera as the sensing device for the overall system. The sensor is affixed to the demostrators in order to properly scan the area, detect objects and send them to the software to be processed. As the scene is scanned, the image is returned with "noise." Sensor fusion and noise removeal are then performed and the scene is reconstructed using a Signed Distance Function model, which fuses depth data over time.

Originally, four 3D-range sensors were tested:

The four 3D-range sensors that were tested

Work Package 3 Deliverables

del_3.1---evaluation-of-available-sensors-moun.pdf [6.906 KB]